CITIC Telecom International CPC Limited – Career Awareness & Graduate Training

CITIC Telecom trainees in a seminar

Results & Impacts

  • 18 Technical Trainees trained and recruited to CITIC Telecom CPC
  • 134 students have participated in workplace visits, 56 in job shadowing days and 65 in job exploration talks since 2012
  • 4 recruitment talks per year are currently delivered to 30 students per session


CITIC Telecom CPC requires a wide range of skills to deliver advanced ICT solutions to large, multinational clients – including networking, information security and cloud computing solutions. There is shortage of quality candidates for such roles, and many young people who do show an interest in the sector have limited awareness of opportunities beyond programming and mobile apps. It is therefore necessary both to raise awareness of the opportunities and to develop the skills needed for those roles.

Key Aspects

CITIC Telecom CPC’s awareness-raising activities comprise three aspects targeting secondary school students: workplace visits, job shadowing and job exploration. Workplace visits provide approximately 20 students per visit with a half-day introduction to the industry and company, a tour of the premises and demonstrations of core products such as video-conferencing. CITIC Telecom CPC employees share insights into their roles, qualifications and career paths in group talks, followed by Q&A.

Job shadowing placements last a full working day, with each student observing one employee in a technical role such as networking or cloud computing, or in a more generic role such as customer service or sales. Students are required to submit a report afterwards summarising the role they have observed, the responsibilities and tasks involved, and the skills needed. These reports are shared with their classmates to act as a reference point and motivator as they continue with their studies.

Job exploration provides a further way for students to learn about specific careers such as computer programming or accounting. Interviews for around 20 students are held after school and typically last up to an hour. Students choose which interviews they would like to attend and are invited to put forward their questions throughout the session.

To develop the skills of graduates, CITIC Telecom CPC offers training programmes in both technical and sales skills. The Technical Trainee programme involved monthly workshops and three-month job rotations in engineering, cloud computing, IT security, product development and customer service. Trainees are then required to pass relevant external exams. The Sales Trainee programme involves a week’s intensive training followed by on-the-job training and mentoring by senior sales executives.


The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups manages the student activities on behalf of CITIC Telecom CPC. It regularly meets with company managers to discuss their requirements and tweak the programme accordingly. The Federation acts as a bridge between CITIC Telecom CPC and schools, handling recruitment and logistics on its behalf. This allows colleagues to focus on shaping the structure and content of the workplace visits, job shadowing and job exploration.

CITIC Telecom CPC works with local universities to recruit students to the graduate training programmes. Careers centres help arrange on-campus recruitment talks and career expos, while professors in relevant degree subjects, such as computer science and computer engineering, encourage their final year students to attend. Opportunities are also advertised to students from all schools via public job portals.

Success Factors

The programmes recognise that young people need the right knowledge and experience to make informed decisions at each stage of their development. For example, the awareness-raising activities take place while students are at secondary school, to assist them in choosing their degrees. The Technical Trainee programme allows graduates to experience a range of different roles to help them decide which are best suited to their particular skills and interests.

Within CITIC Telecom CPC, the programme is supported and championed at the highest level. The company’s CEO, Mr Stephen Ho, has stated that recruiting and training talented graduates is not only a business imperative, but part of its corporate social responsibility. In Mr Ho’s view, it is not only beneficial to the company, but also to the wider ICT industry, to nurture well-trained graduates who will become the valuable manpower of the industry, or even future industry leaders.


In the competitive field of ICT, graduates often prefer to work for big, global brand names. CITIC Telecom CPC seeks to enhance its attractiveness to prospective and existing employees by providing a high quality work culture and environment, including work-life balance and an attractive salary increase upon successful completion of the Technical Trainee programme.