Ageing Workforce & Consumers


Hong Kong has a rapidly ageing population. Between 2014 and 2034, the number of residents aged over 65 is expected to double, to 2.2 million. The proportion of elderly residents will also double, from one in three to one in six. To remain successful, companies will need to provide products and services that are well-suited to their particular needs and preferences.

The ageing society presents challenges and opportunities in the workplace, too. In the context of skill shortages, employers will increasingly look to make the most of existing expertise among mature workers and retired former employees. For younger employees with eldercare responsibilities, flexibility is needed to balance the needs of family and work.

Business Solutions

  • Design workspaces to accommodate the physical needs of older workers
  • Create a workplace culture where mature employees’ knowledge is valued and passed on to younger generations
  • Re-employ retired former employees as part-time consultants, advisors or mentors
  • Introduce anti-discrimination policies, training for line managers, and flexible working options for employees with eldercare responsibilities
  • Adopt an ‘elder lens’ in product and service development, including ‘universal design’ and barrier-free access

Our Work

  • Our case studies share examples of how companies are responding to this challenge
  • Read our articles on age-friendly workplaces and the silver hair market
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