Climate Change & Carbon Reduction

Wind energy turbines

Today there is scientific consensus that the global warming of the past century is very likely due to human activity. During that time, global sea levels have risen by almost 180mm; nine of the 10 warmest years on record have occurred since the year 2000. To avoid catastrophic climate change, we need to rapidly reduce carbon emissions and eventually decarbonise the economy.

For business, this is a particularly pressing issue. Extreme weather events are already causing costly disruption to supply chains and increased resource costs. In the medium run, companies not seen to be doing their bit will increasingly find themselves punished by consumers, the public, regulators and investors working to reduce their ESG risk exposure.

Business Solutions

  • Measure, disclose and review carbon emissions and footprint continuously
  • Set ambitious, science-based targets for emissions reduction
  • Buildin-house capacity for low-carbon innovation – including both processes and products/services
  • Audit and engage the value chain, including suppliers and customers
  • Advocate for a clear, predictable and consistentregulatory framework from government

Our Work

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