Next Generation Talent & Skills

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Young people face multiple challenges navigating the journey from education to work. A lack of information about potential careers, limited practical experience, barriers to training and employment opportunities, social stigma towards vocational careers, and different expectations to older generations – all these can hinder effective decision-making and progress.

At the same time, employers face a challenge recruiting and retaining young people with the skills and attributes they need. A number of sectors already face growing skills and manpower shortages; the construction sector alone has an estimated shortfall of around 10,000 workers. This poses a threat to Hong Kong industries’ long-term productivity, competitiveness and growth.

Business Solutions

  • Engage secondary school students early, to broaden their career awareness
  • Arrange workplace visits, tours and Q&As to give students insights into real work
  • Turn work experience into work inspiration, to spark their passion for your sector
  • Offer structured internships for university students, to build work-readiness
  • Partner with schools, universities and training institutions to ensure alignment of course content with industry needs

Our Work

  • Our case studies highlight good practice examples from Hong Kong companies
  • See the summary of outcomes from the MTR-HKCSS Cross-Sector Summit: Pathways to Employment
  • To discuss your approach and how we can help, please contact us