Waste & the Circular Economy

Circular economy symbol painted green on warehouse wall

Hong Kong has limited capacity for recycling. The circular economy represents an opportunity to eliminate waste through design – moving beyond the traditional ‘take–make–dispose’ model, to one where resources remain in the system indefinitely. According to the Asia Global Institute, this represents a US$700 billion cost-saving opportunity at the global level in the FMGC sector alone.

Business Solutions

  • Source reprocessed, remanufactured or renewable inputs and materials
  • Design goods to be easily taken apart at the end of life for reprocessing or reuse
  • Support and incentivise the return and reuse of components and materials
  • Actively seek out partners which can reprocess or reuse the collected materials as inputs for their own products or processes
  • Consider providing your core product as a service, thus retaining ownership of its materials and providing an incentive to innovate for efficiency

Our Work