HKCSS response to Public Engagement on Sustainable Consumption

Palm oil trees in plantation

The Council for Sustainable Development is undertaking a public engagement on the Promotion of Sustainable Consumption of Biological Resources. The exercise aims to raise public awareness on the importance of biological resources, and calls for collaboration among stakeholders to develop and implement sustainable consumption practices.

Sustainable Business HK has prepared a written submission on behalf of HKCSS. Our recommendations for business and Government are summarised below.

How the Government/public sector could take the lead in promoting sustainable consumption of biological resources:

  • Shift the emphasis from tactical to strategic
  • Address consumption levels, not just choices
  • Address the challenges holistically
  • Legislate; don’t rely on voluntary action alone
  • Support strategic coordination

How the private sector could take the lead:

  • Assess risks and set goals
  • Focus on innovation opportunities
  • Don’t just enable; mainstream
  • Stimulate supply and demand among business partners
  • Actively influence customers/consumers

Education and publicity channels to promote sustainable consumption:

  • Stakeholders can reinforce and enhance messaging
  • From education to engagement; publicity to dialogue
  • Tone and focus of engagement with business

Please follow this link to view the full response as a PDF.

We welcome further comments and discussion regarding sustainable consumption and production. We look forward to collaborating with more businesses and other stakeholders to help make this vision a reality.

To discuss this or any aspect of our work, please contact Simon Lee, Senior Manager, Sustainable Business HK: +852 2876 2457 /